Apollo Neuro vs. Whoop: Which Is Better?

Both Apollo Neuro and Whoop are tech-forward companies that produce innovative wearable devices for all the health and fitness freaks out there. These devices are more like a health monitor that helps you keep track of your well-being at all times.

Now we’re all definitely well-versed with the functions of conventional smartwatches and wearables. While Whoop is quite similar to that, Apollo Neuro is far from those typical features.

Nonetheless, both of them perform exceptionally well. What sets them apart is their range of functionality so let’s fill you in with all the details right here!


Apollo Neuro 

With the increasing prevalence of stress and anxiety, a device that improves sleep and reduces stress is a dream come true. Apollo Neuro is just that and not your average smartwatch that tracks footsteps or heart rate, etc.

In fact, it is far from all that and for all the good reasons. This device helps you sleep better, relieve stress, and stay focused. Sounds quite irrational at first, no doubt.

“Can a wearable device actually reduce stress?” That’s the first thought that popped up in my head as soon as I found out about Apollo Neuro (Check price on Amazon) and I’m pretty sure you must be thinking the same. 

Surprisingly enough, these claims are not mere marketing gimmicks. Apollo Neuro stays true to its word and does help with stress, sleep, and concentration, etc.

How does Apollo Neuro Work?

Apollo Neuro has been developed by a certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist so we’re most probably in for an effective function. This device plays around with your moods via vibrations. 

Our nervous system responds to touch quite rapidly and the perfectly calibrated vibrations in this device helps to redefine your mood and enhance energy levels. Apollo Neuro is a touch therapy that produces soothing vibrations in 7 modes. 

Via: @apolloneuro

Now onto the real question. Does it really work? Well yes, the function of Apollo Neuro is backed by research and experiments just like one of them that states:

“For 11 nurses using the Apollo Neuro, average stress scores fell by more than 40% within two weeks, and sleep, energy, mood, focus, and stress improved.” (Source

There’s a counter argument about the function of Apollo Neuro that accounts the experience as a placebo effect. But most customers think of it as “subtle yet effective” like this one on Reddit:

Regardless of everything, we obviously cannot expect this device, or any device for that matter to magically eliminate all the problems. Apollo Neuro does induce calming and soothing feelings but don’t expect a dramatic change.


Just like Apollo Neuro, Whoop doesn’t track steps either. But other than that, Whoop differs from Apollo Neuro quite a lot in terms of its functionality. 

So while Whoop lacks most of the typical features we normally expect from a wearable device, it still is a phenomenal performer. The device lives up to all of its claims and unlike Apollo Neuro, its performance and functionality is not at question. 

Whoop (check price on Amazon) is comparatively a simpler device that mainly tracks cardiovascular strain, recovery, and sleep. So while Whoop may be a good idea for cardio-intensive exercises, it is not the best bet for strength training or low-intensity workout. 


Whoop offers accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring provided you’re wearing it on the right spot. While our first resort is to wear the band around the wrist, I think it isn’t always a good idea.

Sleeping with the band around your wrist can be quite a nuisance at times and it may not always provide accurate heart rate data. But Whoop proves to be a fantastic choice because it offers versatile wearing options. The device is small and discrete so can be easily worn at any ideal place for heart rate monitoring as well as comfort.

How does Whoop Work?

The latest Whoop 4 offers advanced features that allow you to monitor the sleep cycle, health, and recovery. Signing up for Whoop means you’re also in for personalized feedback and recommendations. 

Regular data tracking provides valuable insights that serve as an excellent motivating force to optimize performance according to daily reports. Here’s a user sharing their Whoop experience:

In short, Whoop is a simple recovery tracker that monitors your activity, heart rate, and sleep cycle, and allows you to create a healthy routine. 

Battery Life

Whoop steals the show in terms of battery life as it can easily last up to 5 days on a single charge and that too, with intense use. That’s what the manufacturer claims. And the reality is even better than that as a single charge can keep the device running for up to 7 days.

On the contrary, the battery life of Apollo Neuro is not really impressive as it can only survive 6 to 8 hours of continuous use. But then, the function of both these wearables is different and so are the energy requirements. 

You’ll definitely not be using Neuro throughout the day and only when utilizing targeted functions. So an 8-hour function on a single charge will suffice as long as you keep your use limited. 


Both Apollo Neuro and Whoop are high-end devices that do cost a pretty penny. But then, if you look at their functions they seem to be worth the cost. 

Anyway, the Apollo Neuro will cost you around $350 and can only be purchased via their website. Keeping in view its functions, all that stress-relieving, sleep-inducing features, Apollo Neuro seems to be well worth the price, without question.

 In contrast, the Whoop band is free but you have to pay for monthly subscriptions in order to make use of it. 

The Whoop band will cost you $30 per month. There are 6-month and 12-month plans as well that cost $288 and $324, respectively. In return, you can get access to the Whoop band and personalized recommendations from fitness coaches. 

Now you may justify the cost of Whoop all you want but really, it’s like paying for the gym when you’re just getting access to an HRV monitor. 

Apollo Neuro is easily a winner in terms of the price and Whoop scores low because of the expensive monthly subscriptions. 

Return Policy

Apollo Neuro is a winner in terms of return policy as well. 

You get a 60-day return period for Apollo Neuro in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Only a $10 shipping and restocking fee is deducted from the refund amount. The return process is quick and hassle-free.

On the contrary, Whoop offers a 30-day refund or membership cancellation period. If you’re not satisfied with your device’s performance, you can cancel your membership within 30 days and receive a refund. 

Since the Whoop band is free, you’ll not be required to send the product back, except in a few cases. You can simply pass it on to someone or let it sit around your house, as you like!

Customer Service 

The website of Whoop offers every tiny bit of detail about their product and everything related to it. Moreover, they’re really great at personalized advice and recommendations from fitness coaches once you subscribe. 

However, if you want to reach out to them in case of a query, you can contact them via email or phone. Whoop contact details here.

Likewise, Apollo Neuro is a customer-friendly company too. For general questions or any help with your order, you can reach out to them via a contact form, phone, or email. Contact Apollo Neuro 

Final Verdict 

Apollo Neuro and Whoop offer different kinds of functions so you can’t really choose one over the other considering their performance. To be fair, both these wearables are fantastic at their job. At the end of the day, your decision will be based on your requirements. Apollo Neuro or Whoop, whatever it is, you’ll be signing up for the good!