Champion QC12YC vs. RC12YC Compared.

To keep the engine churning, you need a reliable spark plug that allows the engine to function at its best. Champion QC12YC and RC12YC both have cornered the market with their dependable performance and long-lasting service. 

However, certain engines work better with either the QC or RC plug while others work unaffected when using both these spark plugs interchangeably. 

So without further delay, let’s find out the factors that set these spark plugs apart.

What is Champion QC12YC Plug Used for?

The Champion Copper Plus QC12YC is a great choice for powering up small engines and extracting the best performance from them. This spark plug offers excellent conductivity for a dependable performance throughout its life. The wear rate is also significantly minimized in this plug due to adequate heat control. The QC12YC shows impressive resistance to corrosion which makes it a worthy choice for smaller engines in snow blowers, lawn mowers, etc.

What is Champion RC12YC Plug Used for?

The Champion RC12YC Plug is also used for firing up smaller engines fast and efficiently. Just like the QC12YC, this spark plug also features a copper-core electrode that minimized wear and prolongs the life of the plug. The RC12YC ensures hassle-free ignition of smaller engines in outdoor equipment. Made with TinTac and Ultra Seal Shell, the spark plug stays corrosion free to a great extent.

What does Champion QC12YC Fit?

The specifications for Champion QC12YC are as follows:

Thread Diameter14mm
Seat TypeFlat
Tips ConfigurationProjected
Terminal TypeSolid

The Champion QC12YC fits Kohler Briggs Husqvarna, Briggs and Stratton engines. It can be used as a replacement for NGK BKR5ES, Bosch FR8DC, Brisk DR17YC, etc. 

What does Champion RC12YC Fit?

The specifications for RC12YC are as follows:

Thread Diameter14mm
Seat TypeGasket Seat
Tips ConfigurationProjected

The RC12YC fits Briggs and Stratton Gas Engines – Intek, Vanguard single cylinder, OHV Kohler Gas Engines – Command OHV, K series, 16.0/TH16, 18.0/TH18. 

In case you’re looking to use it as a replacement for other plugs, here’s what the RC12YC can replace: 

  • ARIENS 21525900, 21536800
  • BRIGGS & STRATTON 496055, 496055S
  • CHAMPION 2829, RC12YC
  • E-Z-GO 491055S
  • GRAVELY 21525900, 21536800
  • HUSQVARNA 531 30 81-28, 531308128

Is the RC12YC the Same as the QC12YC?

As far as the heat range is concerned, both these spark plugs have the same amount of heat range so they can be used in place of each other without any trouble, in most cases. Using these spark plugs as a replacement for each other does not cause any change in the performance of the engine. 

Q-Type vs. R-Type

Both of them are equally capable of reliably starting up an engine and have a similar construction as well as specifications except that the Q-type plug uses a wire wound inductive coil to reduce RFI without disturbing ignition performance. On the other hand, the R-type plug is a resistor spark plug which is also a reliable plug, capable of handling typical RFI.

For Fuel Injected Systems

While in most instances, the RC12YC and QC12YC can be used interchangeably but, a QC plug is recommended if you plan to use the spark plug with a fuel-injected engine. The internal electrical construction of the QC plug works better for a fuel engine. The QC plug also efficiently deals with noise that can otherwise harm a sensitive electronic circuit.

What is a Projected Tip Spark Plug?

Both the QC12YC and RC12YC spark plugs feature a projected tip so what exactly is it? Well, projected tips are considered better than non-projected plugs in particular cases because they run cooler and also, deliver a more efficient and balanced burn as the spark is located in the center of the chamber. In short, a projected tip spark plug improves ignitability and ensures reliable start-ups.

QC12YC vs. RC12YC: Price Comparison

Both the QC and RC Copper Plus plugs by Champion are economical spark plugs and almost cost the same. The QC12YC is available for around $7 while the RC12YC is somewhere around $8 to $9 too. You can check the updated prices using the links given above in the post.

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