Delta 36-6023 vs. Dewalt Dwe7491rs Compared

Hailing from Black and Decker ownership, the Delta and Dewalt table saws are very much comparable on paper. In fact, I’d rather say they’re hard to distinguish. But that is not to say they’re essentially the same in terms of performance too.

Both Delta 36-6023 and Dewalt Dwe7491rs have their own set of quirks. So without further ado, let’s find out the key features that account for the differences in their functioning.  


Both these table saws by Delta and Dewalt are Jobsite table saws that are always a good choice for people with space or budget constraints or those in need of ultimate ease of portability.

Both these saws will serve a professional carpenter or construction worker just right. They are powerful, rugged, and easy to maneuver around construction sites. However, with all the perks, there has to be a tradeoff which in the case of most Jobsite table saws is the lack of precision. 

But for construction tasks that usually don’t require high-grade accuracy, the Dewalt Dwe7491rs and the Delta 36-6023 are easily the right choices. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if that’s a deal breaker for the kind of tasks you do. 


The Delta 36-6023 is powered by a 15A, 2.2 HP motor whereas the Dewalt table saw is equipped with a 15A, 2 HP motor.

Being pretty similar in terms of power, you can expect a reliable performance from both the table saws. They cut smooth, fast and can deal with hardwood and other construction lumber without a hitch. In short, the efficient motor systems allow the saws to power through heavy-duty tasks as well as DIYs at their best. 

Blade Size 

Both the table saws come in with a 10-inch blade which is a standard size for table saws. Not too small, not too large, just the right size you need to deal with regular woodworking projects. 

The difference, however, comes when we look at the cutting depth of these. The portable table saw by Delta gets a slight edge over the Dewalt due to a better cutting depth. The former cuts through 3 ½” at 90 degrees which is a big deal for most table saws in this class. 

On the other hand, Dewalt provides a cut depth just a touch above 3”, exactly what you’d expect from a 10” blade.

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity of the 36-6023 is 32.5 inches to the right and 25 inches to the left side of the blade. On the contrary, the Dewalt table saw is capable of handling 32.5 inches on the right while 22 inches to the left of the blade. 

Both the saws have sufficient capacity to rip through hardwood, plywood sheets, etc. You can deal with a significant cutting area in a single go which means these saws will serve you well for most construction tasks. 

Arbor and RPM

Both Dewalt and Delta table saws have an equal arbor diameter of ⅝ inches. However, the RPM value differs and that is the only notable difference between the two, on paper.

The Delta 36-6023 boasts a 5000 RPM value whereas with the Dewalt you get a 4800 RPM. Now sure that’s not a significant gap but it does create a change in the function. With the Delta, you get a more swift and fine cut while Dewalt slightly slows down when you bring in a tough piece. 

Overall, the torque rating for both is average and not something to write home about. But when in comparison, the Delta table saw has a slight edge over its counterpart.

Size and Weight

The Dewalt table saw weighs slightly heavier at 90lbs. than the Delta which is around 77 pounds. In either case, that’s a lot of heft and can be a nightmare to move around. Enter: movable and positioned wheels and there you are all set to move the table saw around the job site almost effortlessly.

As for the size, the Dewalt Dwe7491rs measures around 21.8×26.3 inches. On the other hand, the Delta portable saw is 26.63×21 inches. Being a portable, Jobsite table saw, the size and weight for both is just up to the standards, making them easy to store and carry around as per your requirement. 


Since these are budget table saws, a cast iron construction is a far-fetched idea. So you’ll rather have to suffice with the stainless aluminum and plastic construction which by the way, is reasonably sturdy and will last you a long time.

Both these table saws boast interesting details like the rack and pinion fence system for fast and accurate fence adjustments. The rolling stand allows for easy set up and breakdown while the dust port is quite effective too. 

Despite a very similar construction, the Dewalt table saw is a more preferred choice due to its well-established reputation and well, equipment by Delta does seem to have recurring quality control issues so the bias is understandable. 


The Delta 36-6023 and Dewalt Dwe7491rs both, are budget-friendly table saws intended for professional use. The Dewalt table saw will do you a damage of around $650 while the Delta portable saw is at $500.Delta 36-6023 vs. Dewalt Dwe7491rs