Dewalt DCD796 vs Dewalt DCD778: Compared

If you are looking for a new Dewalt drill, you might be wondering which one is better: the DCD796 or the DCD778. Both are brushless combi drills that can handle drilling, screwdriving and hammering tasks. However, there are some differences between them that might affect your decision.

Here is a comparison of their main features and performance:


The DCD796 has a higher power output of 300 Watts, compared to 250 Watts for the DCD778. It also has a higher torque of 70 Nm, compared to 65 Nm for the DCD778. This means that the DCD796 can handle tougher materials and larger screws more easily.


The DCD796 has a higher maximum speed of 2000 RPM, compared to 1750 RPM for the DCD778. It also has two speed settings, while the DCD778 has only one. This means that the DCD796 can deliver faster drilling and screwdriving performance, as well as more control over the speed.

Size and weight

The DCD796 is smaller and lighter than the DCD778. It measures 174 mm in length and weighs 1.3 kg, while the DCD778 measures 204 mm in length and weighs 1.6 kg. This means that the DCD796 is more compact and comfortable to use, especially in tight spaces and for longer periods of time.


The DCD796 has some extra features that the DCD778 lacks, such as a metal chuck, a belt hook, a magnetic bit holder and an LED light with three modes (low, medium and high). These features make the DCD796 more durable, convenient and versatile than the DCD778.

Based on these comparisons, it seems that the DCD796 is a better drill than the DCD778 in terms of power, speed, size, weight and features. However, there are also some factors that might make you prefer the DCD778 over the DCD796, such as:


The DCD778 is cheaper than the DCD796. You can find it for around £150 with two 5.0 Ah batteries and a case, while the DCD796 costs around £135 with one 5.0 Ah battery and a case or £134 with two 2.0 Ah batteries and a case. If you are on a tight budget or want to save some money, the DCD778 might be a better option for you.

Battery life

The DCD778 comes with larger batteries than the DCD796. Two 5.0 Ah batteries can provide more run time than one 5.0 Ah battery or two 2.0 Ah batteries. If you need to work for longer periods of time without recharging or changing batteries, the DCD778 might be a better option for you.


Both the DCD796 and the DCD778 are good drills that can handle most DIY tasks. However, depending on your needs and preferences, you might find one of them more suitable for you than the other.

The DCD796 is more powerful, faster, smaller, lighter and feature-rich than the DCD778, but it is also more expensive and comes with smaller batteries.

The DCD778 is cheaper and comes with larger batteries than the DCD796, but it is also less powerful, slower, bigger, heavier and less feature-rich than the DCD796.