DeWalt DCST920B vs. DCST925B: Difference Explained.

An efficient string trimmer is a game-changer for mowing lawns especially when we’re working around some hard-to-reach spaces. The trimmers by DeWalt are just the right thing for crushing that job. Most of us are absolute fans of their innovative technologies that are combined with affordability and efficiency. 

Anyway, we shall get into the topic right away. So here’s a quick comparison between two string trimmers by DeWalt; the DCST920B and DCST925B. 

Go ahead and find out the one that suits you the best!

Motor Type

Starting with the most basic difference between the two i.e. the motor type. The DCST920B is powered by a brushless motor system whereas, the DCST925B is equipped with a brushed motor system.

Brushless motors are far more energy-efficient than brushed motors and so, they offer a longer run time for the tool. In addition to being energy-efficient, they are also more sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Brushed motors, on the other hand, cause more energy drain as a considerable amount of it is lost during friction.

In short, the brushless motor mechanism of the DCST920B makes it more efficient and powerful than its counterpart.

Cutting Swath 

Both DeWalt DCST925B and DCST920B feature a 13-inch cutting swath with a 0.080-inch trimmer line. 

This suggests that both of these weed whackers got plenty of trimming area. These trimmers are appropriate for light work such as a routine grass trimming or weed extraction. But it also means that neither of them is a good choice for thick under-bushes or a heavy-duty use.


The DCST920B weighs around 7.3 pounds whereas, the DCST925B weighs 7.4 pounds only. However, this figure is accurate for the bare tool without the batteries.

Since these grass trimmers are not directed toward heavy-duty usage, they do not feature heavy machinery. Hence, you can conveniently work around with these weed whackers without much fatigue. 

Both of them pretty much boast an ideal weight with the right balance of power so it’s a win-win for both, in terms of weight. 

Noise Level

The DCST920B produces significantly less noise than the DCST925B.

Since the DCST920B operates on a brushless motor mechanism, it does not require a high amount of power to function as does the brushed motor. 

As the brushless motor of the DCST920B requires lesser power to function, it does not produce a similar amount of noise as the DCST925B. However, you still can expect both of them to roar significantly. 

Design and Construction 

Both the DCST920B and DCST925B boast an ergonomic and user-friendly design as well as construction. 

DeWalt produces reliable and sturdy tools and these two are no different. These grass trimmers are constructed with a gear drive transmission design that powers through tough overgrowth by amplifying the torque.

Speed Controls

Both of these string weed trimmers by DeWalt feature a variable speed trigger. 

The speed control on each of these tools can be set to high or low settings according to the task requirement. To be fair, most of the times, you’ll be working around with the low setting because these tools grind hard even at a low-speed function. 

The speed controls are quite ergonomically placed near the handle and are convenient to operate. 

Power Source

Both of these trimmers are cordless electric tools. They are battery-powered and hence, require you to choose an efficient battery that can outlast your jobs.

Since these tools are cordless, they offer greater mobility and maneuverability. You can carry these around anywhere just keep a battery pack handy!

Final Verdict 

While the two tools do not vary significantly in a lot of features, the use of a brushless motor mechanism in the DCST920B puts everything else to shade. The edge definitely goes to the DCST920B over the DCST925B due to its greater efficiency and increased performance times due to the brushless motor.