G0715p vs. G0771 Table Saw Compared.

Professional tasks or DIY projects, Grizzly table saws will get you through it all. From the vast range of table saws, G0715p and G0771 are high-quality and reliable tools that can power through most sawing tasks without breaking a sweat.

So let’s find out all the details and see how these two compare against each other.


Both G0715p and G0771 are hybrid table saws that are a fusion of the expensive cabinet maker saw and the traditional contractor saw. 

In essence, these saws are a perfect combination of the selective features of each saw type i.e. the power and efficiency of the cabinet saw and the durability and portability of the contractor saw. 


Both these table saws by Grizzly feature a powerful 2HP motor. The 2HP motor of both G0715p and G0771 is capable of delivering 220v with single phase, however, the G0771 is prewired to 120v while the G0771 is prewired to 220v. 

With the high-powered motor, the table saw can cut up essentially all types of wood and other materials. These hybrid saws are sufficient to power through most professional tasks with ease and of course, home DIY tasks are a breeze with both. 

In short, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything either of these saws can’t handle.  

Blade Size

Both these table saws by Grizzly feature a 10-inch blade which is typically the standard blade diameter of most table saws. They provide a 3-½” cut capacity at 90 degrees which is just up to par with the standard performance of a 10-inch blade. 

A standard 10” blade can shred through most materials precisely but it may not be the best bet if you want to cut through thicker materials.

Rip Capacity

The G0771 offers a rip capacity of 31 inches to the right while 16-¾ inches to the left of the blade. On the other hand, the G0715p has a 30-inch rip capacity to the right and 12” to the left side of the blade.

Both these tools have a significantly high rip capacity which is excellent because you can cut a wider area in a single go. However, the G0771 does get a slight edge as it offers a higher rip capacity both to the left and right side of the blade.

But at the end of the day, it is the type of project that can determine the suitable rip capacity according to your requirements. A higher rip capacity can be an overkill if you’re an occasional DIYer and comes at a higher cost too. 

Arbor and RPM

The G0771 features a ⅝ inch arbor diameter with a speed of 3450RPM whereas, the G0715p features a ⅝ inch arbor too but it offers a speed of 3850RPM.

The difference between the RPM values is not considerably high and it’s not like the higher RPM wins. Increasing the speed of the arbor can create intensee vibration which consequently causes irregular cuts accompanied by higher noise as well. 

However, thankfully, we don’t see that issue with either of these table saws. That is not to say they’re completely silent but the low noise level despite their crushing performance does deserve appreciation. 

Size and Weight

The overall table size of the G0771 is 40.5x27x36 inches with a footprint of 19.5×21 inches only. On the contrary, the G0715p is 60x36x40 inches with a footprint of 20×21 inches which makes both of them easy to store even in smaller spaces. These table saws are a great choice for at-home tasks since they’re manageable in less space.

As for the weight, the G0771 is slightly on the lighter side at 371 pounds whereas, the G0715p adds up to 40+ pounds at a weight of 416lbs. But thanks to the contractor style portability, they are easy to move around.


The G0771 and G0715p both, come with promising features of the cabinet saw like the dust port that catches maximum dust and the extension wings to add length to the table. The riving knife offers adequate protection and the belt and pulley systems provide greater power transfer efficiency with lesser noise.

These table saws boast cast iron construction with heavy-duty cast iron trunnions as well. Overall, both the G0771 and G0715p are robust woodworking tools that cut through soft and hard materials equally well. Moreover, they’ll last you a pretty long while too. 


While it is true that the market offers cheaper variables to these table saws, they do not perform or last as well as these. 

Among the high-efficiency hybrid table saws, the G0715p and G0771 are quite the most affordable options in the market right now. The G0771 is available for $1595 whereas, the G0715p was originally priced under $1000. However, it is discontinued by Grizzly so you may find it around locally at different prices.

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