Honda HS720 vs. Toro 721 Snow Blower

Honda and Toro snow blowers boast an excellent performance history and definitely stand tall in customers’ good books. However, things can be a bit different when comparing specific models.

So let’s see how the Honda HS720 and Toro 721 compare against each other!


Honda HS720 and Toro 721 are single-stage snow blowers powered by gas, which is a plus point for both of them. Not only they’re more powerful but also, easier to maneuver due to their self-propelled function as well as the ability to work anywhere regardless of power supply. 

As much as they’re efficient and reliable with deep, heavy snow, they’re also harder to maintain and expensive. But that’s understood when you’re going for gas-powered snow blowers. 


The Honda HS720 is more on the pricier side with prices starting from $1000 and above while the Toro 721 will cost you around $800 only.  However, the prices fluctuate constantly. Use the links below to check the updated prices on Amazon.

Honda HS720

Toro 721

The Toro 721 has a more powerful engine and delivers better performance than its counterpart plus it’s cheaper so it’s clearly a superior choice. Honda HS720 is a decent snow blower too but at $1000+ it is just not worth it unless you really are a Honda fan.


The Honda HS720 is powered by a 190cc OHC four-cycle Honda engine that can power through intense snow without trouble. This snow blower can move away 1800 pounds of snow per minute and boasts an incredible throw distance of up to 33 feet. However, the performance can be slightly lacking when it comes to heavier, compact snow. Although the engine starts with a single pull most times, we can rely on the electric start feature just in case.

In contrast, the Toro 721 is equipped with a 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine that has enough power to blast through the heaviest of snows. This snow blower by Toro is one of the best single-stage snow blowers out there. It can shred through heavy snow in no time and throw it up to a distance of 35 feet which gives it a minimal edge over the Honda HS720 in contrast. The Toro 721 also comes with an efficient electric start feature to ensure effortless startups in the freezing weather.


The Honda HS720 snow blower has a clearing width of 20 inches while the Toro 721 can clear up to 21 inches in one go. 

The Honda snow blower efficiently cleans up 20-inch paths in the first pass and engulfs around 12 inches of snow without a hiccup. On the contrary, the Toro 721 clears up just an inch more than the Honda and can take up to 12.5 inches of snow which leaves them both in a draw situation.   


Honda HS720 has a 9.5-inch steel auger that comes with replaceable rubber paddles that easily handle up to 10 inches of snow. Beyond that, the snow blower does struggle a bit yet gets the job done pretty well. The chute control of this snow blower is not as smooth as we wanted it to be but the all-metal construction is sort of compensating for that. 

The Toro 721 does disappoint slightly in terms of the auger. The 8.5-inch auger is made with plastic which is never the first choice for battling through the heavy snow but it surprisingly does clear up really well with its power curve technology. The chute offers a 210-degree rotation and allows precise shooting of snow in the desired direction.


The Honda HS720 delivers a decent performance but to be fair, it’s less promising than what you normally expect from Honda. This gas snow blower is advertised as a self-propelled machine but actually is a push blower or a semi-propelled snow blower at best. The auger does pull the machine forward but the snow blower does require you to push it through the snow.

Also, it does leave little snow behind on the first pass which can be a concern for ice formation later. Overall, this snow blower is not outstanding but not bad either. 

Toro 721 has all it takes to shred the snow to powder effortlessly. The auger-assist self-propel function does make it easier to move the blower around but then again, it’s not truly a self-propel machine just like its counterpart Honda HS720. However, unlike Honda, it leaves a clean surface behind in a single go so you don’t have to worry about iced driveways later. 

Toro 721 does have a slight margin over the Honda snow blower due to its clean-sweep performance. But, both of them show a drop in performance in heavier snow which is understandable given their specs. 


With all-metal construction, the Honda HS720 takes the lead over the Toro 721. It possesses a robust metal auger that cuts through snow quite efficiently. The chute control is a bit disappointing right out of the box but some greasing does get it moving easily. The spark plug and the fuel drain are easily accessible so maintenance is not a problem. 

The plastic auger of the Toro 721 is a bit underwhelming for an otherwise outstanding and sturdy machine. Plastic in no way sounds good but know that it performs just fine. Also, what’s really impressive about this snow blower is its ergonomic design with the fold-down handle and chute that allows for easy storage.

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