Rain X Latitude vs. Bosch ICON Compared

Rain X Latitude and Bosch ICON are approved by drivers as well as auto-repair shops in weather-challenged areas. 

The Rain X Latitude offers close-to universal compatibility while the Bosch Icon line offers different wiper curvatures to promote compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. But the question is which one is a better pick from these two top-rated wiper blades? 

Let’s find that out through a quick comparison between them.


The Latitude wiper blades feature advanced beam technology that adjusts according to the curvature of the windshield for a smooth wipe and also, promotes compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. The beam support feature prevents snow accumulation which is commonplace in traditional wipers.

The coating of the Latitude blades is made out of rubber and leaves no streaks on the windshield due to its water repelling technology. These blades are primarily frameless, however, there’s a small supporting frame that is made out of steel. 

The Bosch Icon wiper also possesses a beam blade technology that adjusts the blade according to the curve of your vehicle’s windshield. The ClearMax 365 blade material utilizes two rubber coatings to reduce damage from heat. Moreover, we also see corrosion resistance properties in the wiper’s beam blade.

The Icon wipers boast a frameless construction too. However, what puts them ahead of Latitude is their resistance to corrosion, wear, and weather factors. So they’re more durable and require replacement after longer intervals.  


The Bosch Icon wiper blades are slightly more pricey than the Latitudes. They cost around almost twice compared to Latitude. You can check the exact price for each using the link below.

But then again, the Icons last longer, unlike the Latitudes that require frequent replacements. They also perform better than the Latitudes so they’re definitely worth the money. 


The Latitude wipers deliver an impressive performance provided they fit your vehicle perfectly. Most users complain about visible streaks and wipers falling off but that’s just due to installation flaws. So you better double-check that. 

These are exceptional wiper blades that coat the windshield with water repellant coating once you activate them. And what’s next? You’ll see the water bead up and roll down the windshield. Even more so, the water repellant coating can even be trusted to prevent iced windshields. The beam blade feature promotes a streak-free cleaning and renders ultimate driving visibility. The aerodynamic spoiler is not the best but not a deal-breaker either.

In contrast, the Bosch Icon wiper blades also deliver an all-season performance. The blades easily withstand ice or snow buildup and the tension springs allow a smooth operation of the blades even during extreme weather challenges. The superior design of the Icon applies a balanced pressure along the entire length of the blades for a streak-free cleaning.

Since the Icon blades are coated with fx dual rubber, they endure weather factors and prevent wear and tear so you can rely on them to last longer than traditional wiper blades and even the Latitude. Also, they do not produce wind noises at high speeds, unlike the Latitude blades that are guilty of the same. 

In terms of performance, the Bosch Icon blades are a no-brainer but if you’re looking for versatile compatibility, you may want to think twice.

Size and Compatibility

The Rain X Latitude is available in blade sizes ranging from 14 to 28 inches while the Bosch Icon offers 13 to 28 inches size variations. The wiper length of the Latitude is 24 inches as opposed to 26 inches of the Icon. 

The Latitude wipers offer a greater compatibility than the Icons due to the patented universal adapter that allows them to be the right size for 96 percent of the vehicles. 

The Bosch Icon wiper does not offer a compatibility as versatile as Latitude, unfortunately. Unlike the universal fit of the Latitude, the Bosch wipers possess a vehicle-specific fit so you’ll need to check that beforehand or complain later. 

Wiper Replacement Duration

The Bosch Icon blades have a prolonged life due to the FX dual rubber that allows them to withstand all kinds of weather and provide consistent performance throughout their life. Even if you reside in a weather-challenged area, you’ll not feel the need to replace them earlier than 8 months. 

On the contrary, the Latitude wiper blades are not as long-lasting. For decent performance, it is best to change them every 4 to 5 months. And although the water repellant coating is quite beneficial, it does not last very long. 


The Latitude wiper blades come with a universal adapter so their installation is a breeze for almost every vehicle. 

On the contrary, the Bosch Icon blades do not have the same flexibility and compatibility as the Latitudes, so the installation can turn out disappointing if you don’t make sure of the compatibility beforehand. 

However, if the Icons are compatible with your vehicle, you’re lucky because there cannot be a better option than those.