Ridgid r4512 vs. Craftsman 21833. Which is Better?

Ridgid r4512 and Craftsman 218333 are two tremendously capable table saws with a solid cast iron construction. Both of them perform well with a wide range of woods and have enough power for light-medium duty professional tasks. 

With that said, let’s dive a little deeper and find out how the Ridgid r4512 and Craftsman 21833 table saws compare against each other.


The Ridgid r4512 is a hybrid table saw whereas the Craftsman 21833 is a contractor-style table saw. 

Being a hybrid table saw, the Ridgid r4512 offers better accuracy and power in contrast to the Craftsman contractor saw. The 21833, on the other hand, is a good choice for contractors and serious DIY enthusiasts. But be wary if you deal with heavy-duty wood on a regular basis, the performance will be underwhelming in that case. 

The Ridgid r4512 is a middle ground between a contractor saw’s portability and the power of a cabinet saw. With selective features from both types of table saws, the Ridgid r4512 is a better choice for a variety of woodworking projects.


The Ridgid r4512 is powered by a 1-½ HP, 13 Amp motor. On the contrary, the Craftsman 21833 is equipped with a 1-¾ HP, 15 Amp motor.

Guessing from the slight difference in the motor capacity, the Craftsman 21833 seems to be on the more powerful end of the spectrum. However, that is not precisely the case. 

The 13 amp motor of the Ridgid holds surprisingly well against the 15 amp of the Craftsman. The r4512 cuts through all types of wood including oak without any performance issue although the feed rate can vary with dense wood types. 

The 21833 in contrast, lags a little given its 15 amp motor is not capable of outperforming the r4512. However, the performance is at par with what you can expect from contractor saws, nothing extraordinary. 

Overall, it’s a close tie between the two since none outshines the other but brownie points to Ridgid with a 13 amp motor which is as powerful as its 15 amp counterpart. 

Blade Size

Both the r4512 and 21833 table saws offer a 10-inch blade which is fine for most woodworkers. In addition, it is also the standard blade diameter for most table saws.

However, when it comes to the cutting depth the r4512 has a slight edge over its competitor because it offers a 3-¼ inch deep cut when approaching dead on i.e. at 90°.

On the contrary, the 21833 by Craftsman cuts 3-⅛ inches deep at max which is not a shocker as well because most 10-inch blades offer the same. 

Rip Capacity

The Ridgid r4512 offers a 30″ rip capacity to the right and 15″ to the left side of the blade. On the other hand, the Craftsman 21833 rips 30″ to the right and 13″ to the left of the blade. 

Overall, both of them have a suitable rip capacity for cutting through large materials. A 30-inch capacity is suitable for most woodworkers as it can deal with most ripping needs.

Arbor and RPM

Both r4512 and 21833 feature a ⅝ inch arbor and a 3450 RPM which leaves us with a tie.

You get a significantly high blade speed with these table saws so you’re going in for a precise, fast, and smooth cut. That being said, this is a no-load RPM speed which means you should also be prepared for varied performances with different materials. 

But all in all, the speed of these blades will have you covered for most woodworking projects and can equip you to deal with exotic materials at a lower speed as well. 

Size and Weight

The Craftsman 21833 measures around 26-5/16 x 20-3/16 inches but you can add in another 15″ with the extension rails. In contrast, the Ridgid r4512 measures 27×20 inches.

As for the weight, the Craftsman weighs around 288 pounds which is quite a lot for someone who has to move from Jobsite to Jobsite. The Ridgid doesn’t weigh any less either at 267lbs. 

But, good news! Both of them come with a wheeled base which makes them easier to move around yet not entirely effortless. 


Both these table saws boast a cast iron construction which renders a smooth and vibration-free cutting experience that leads to precise and accurate cuts. In addition to that, cast iron tops ensure a longer and more durable function of the table saws.

They both offer a standard blade guard system with anti-kickback pawls for increased safety. Moreover, the cast iron trunnions offer greater accuracy and consistency in the long run.

Overall, these table saws are quite similar in terms of construction. They’re robust, easy to use, and offer dependable performance. 


The Ridgid r4512 is a discontinued model replaced by the r4520. It was previously priced at $530 but you may find it around at different prices now. The Craftsman 21833, on the other hand, will cost you around $650.

To be fair, there’s nothing that makes the Craftsman worth the extra 100 bucks. Both these table saws are greatly comparable but you may not find the Ridgid r4512 easily so Craftsman 21833 it is then. 

In short, these two are great entry-level table saws. Great for budget buyers or those looking for compact equipment.

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