Toro vs. Craftsman Lawn Mower Compared

A well-kept, lush lawn doesn’t come easy but what can make the maintenance enjoyable is reliable and efficient equipment. 

Toro manufactures world-famous lawn mowers while Craftsman is also quite dependable and versatile. However, Toro boasts a spotless reputation and is way ahead of Craftsman in terms of user experience. 

But let’s not get too worked up over that because there are certain features where Craftsman gets a clear edge over Toro.

So let’s get into the details for the 2 most popular gas-powered models from each brand and find out what’s really worth a shot!

We’ll compare Craftsman M105, a push lawn mower to the Toro TimeMaster which is self-propelled. 


  • Both have a Briggs and Stratton Engine 

The Craftsman M105 is powered by a 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine which renders a reliable and efficient performance. The auto choke engine allows an effortless start-up of the lawn mower each time. 

As far as the cutting and mulching are concerned, the Craftsman lawn mower performed well beyond our expectations. The blades are pretty sharp so you can expect a neat and fine cut even if you’re dealing with grass that has been growing for weeks.

The Toro TimeMaster is also powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine, but its 223cc capacity makes it more powerful. The engine immensely contributes to the durability and reliability of this 30” lawn mower. 

The Toro lawn mower efficiently cuts the grass into mulch with its twin blade technology in no time and promotes a smooth operation. Although, it does slow down in thicker grass which is quite a disappointment, especially for a gas-powered lawn mower. 

Overall, the edge goes to the Craftsman M105 since it can deal with a lawn packed with tough grass without breaking a sweat as opposed to the Toro TimeMaster which is incapable of doing the same despite a stronger engine. 

Cutting Width

The Craftsman M105 has a 21-inch deck whereas, the Toro TimeMaster boasts a larger 30-inch deck. 

Owing to the larger deck size, the Toro lawn mower significantly reduces the mowing time and allows you to cut and mulch a wider area at once. 

On the contrary, the Craftsman lawn mower has a cutting width of 21 inches which is still good enough to easily maintain a quarter-acre yard in a short time. 

Both these Toro and Craftsman lawn mowers are a good choice for domestic uses. Although Toro TimeMaster is one of the largest lawn mowers you can find for residential use.

Price Comparison 

The price difference between the Toro TimeMaster and Craftsman M105 is considerably high. The prices mentioned below fluctuate constantly. Click on the links below to see the current prices.

The Craftsman lawn mower will cost you around $415 only whereas, the Toro TimeMaster fetches a sky-high price of $1400. Most users consider Toro worth the price because of its unprecedented performance. While most of us are questioning if that price is justified. 

Well, it looks like Toro is a little too proud of the equipment it manufactures, and honestly, it suits them because they’re highly trusted by users world over. On the contrary, Craftsman is somewhat notorious for its durability issues. 

But we think of Craftsman lawn mower as an affordable version of Toro that serves its purpose quite well, provided you take of the service and maintenance. Without adequate service, even a Honda lawn mower will let you down. 

For those of you who have the budget, a Toro lawn mower is easily the best bet. However, Craftsman fits the bill as well and doesn’t break your bank either.

Bagger Capacity 

The Craftsman M105 has a smaller capacity as compared to the TimeMaster which can engulf up to 2.5 bushels at a time. 

The M105 demands a frequent emptying cycle especially if you’re mowing a larger or fully grown lawn. The TimeMaster, on the other hand, allows you to work break free and finish faster.


The Craftsman lawn mower comes with 7” wheels on the front while the back wheels are 8”. The Toro TimeMaster in contrast has 8” wheels in the front and 10” at the rear side.

The wheel size for both these lawn mowers is appropriate keeping in view their deck size. However, the Toro wheels seem to stall in thicker grass while the Craftsman M105 struggles to perform in wet grass. 


Toro lawn mowers are generally quieter as compared to Craftsman lawn mowers and the TimeMaster is no exception. 

Neither of these mowers produces an unbearable noise, however, it is always best to use a hearing protector to avoid the unpleasant sound. 

Other Features


Both Toro and Craftsman are easy to assemble lawn mowers and require not more than 20 minutes to become completely operational.

Adjustable Handles

The M105 comes with an adjustable loop handle for added convenience while mowing. Also, it has a dual-level design with 6 height adjustment levels.

Similarly, the Toro lawn mower has its own perks. It boasts a quick stow storage handle that allows easy storage and a smaller footprint. 


The Craftsman M105 weighs around 65lbs whereas the Toro TimeMaster weighs around 140lbs.

However, the weight of the Toro lawn mower is not much of a problem for it operates on a self-propelling function so you don’t have to make an effort to move it around the yard.

The Craftsman M105 is a push lawn mower and 65lbs is not the best there is. So it does require a considerable amount of elbow grease and won’t be a delight to operate if you’re not used to such arduous work. 

Toro vs. Craftsman: Which is better?

If you’re ready to spend well over 1000 bucks, the Toro lawn mower is a great option, without question. However, Craftsman is a pretty decent option under $500. Equipped with a Briggs and Stratton engine, it cuts quite effortlessly and can last up to 10-15 years with proper maintenance.