Toro vs. Troy Bilt Snow Blower Compared

Toro and Troy Bilt snow blowers are stellar in terms of their reliability and performance. With their efficient engines and terrific power, they’ll have you playing back in the snow in no time. However, choosing between two top-notch manufacturers can be quite intimidating.

So let’s dig in further and find out the distinguishing features of the Toro and Troy Bilt Snow Blowers.

Toro vs. Troy: 2-Stage Snow Blower

A double-stage snow blower will allow you to tackle a larger amount of snow than a single-stage snow blower plus it is the right choice for paved surfaces, crushed stone, or gravel driveways.


The 2-stage gas-powered Toro snow blower is equipped with a 252cc 4-cycle OHV engine that is powerful enough to blow through the season’s worst snow. The self-propelled motion minimizes effort on your end with 6-speed controls. On top of that, this machine also offers an electric start feature which skips the trouble of pull-starting the engine altogether.

On the contrary, the Troy Bilt Storm 3090 is strong enough to weather any storm. It is powered by a 357cc 4 cycle OHV gas engine which has convinced me to say no more. Of course, it is a terrifically powerful snow blower that can devour tonnes of snow without a problem. Just like the Toro snow blower, it comes with an electric start feature as well.

Overall, the Troy Bilt obviously seems to be a better choice with the kind of power it boasts. 


The Toro Snow Blower has a 26-inch clearing width and can eat up to 20 inches of snow at a time and if that’s not impressive for a mid-range machine, what is? This snow blower efficiently clears up a 26” wide path leaving behind nothing for the second pass. 

On the other hand, the Troy is a huge machine with a 30” path clearing capacity. It can cut through 21-inch deep snow which is almost the same as Toro. It is a heavy-duty machine so you can expect a top-notch snow-blowing performance that’s well beyond your expectations.


The 11-inch auger of the Toro snow blower features an anti-clogging system that allows you to continuously move away the snow without trouble. The Quick Stick Chute control comes with a 200-degree rotation and easy change of directions. The efficient controls of the chute allow you to shoot away the snow in precise directions. 

The Troy snow blower features an extended polymer chute with a 200-degree rotation. The extended chute design reduces snow blowback and has enough power to throw away the snow up to 30 feet away which is outstanding. 


Both Toro and TB will not disappoint you in terms of construction or design. The Toro 2-stage snow blower has a sturdy metal construction with a steel auger. The self-propelling triggerless steering allows the effortless operation of the blower. Well-treaded tires, hand warmers, steel chute, and LED light, what’s not to like in this snow blower?

Likewise, TB Storm 3090 features a Touch and Turn power steering that allows you to adjust your direction with one finger. It has a larger fuel tank as well as heated hand grips which will keep you comfortable even in the coldest temperatures.


The Troy Bilt Storm will cost you around $200 cheaper than Toro and honestly, it is a better option with its larger clearing path, stronger 357cc engine, and that too, for $200 less than the Toro. Use the links below to check the updated prices of both.



Toro s. Troy Bilt: Single Stage Snow Blower


The Toro Single Stage snow blower comes with an efficient 99cc Toro Premium OHV 4 cycle engine that shreds through heavy snow quite easily. The most promising feature is the quick start engine which never takes more than 2 pulls to start. In fact, gets going with a single pull almost every time. It is a gas-powered machine so you can expect a reliable performance even in tough winter storms and can eat up to 12 inches of snow fairly easily.

On the contrary, the Troy Bilt snow blower is powered by a beast of an engine. It boasts a 208cc 4 cycle OHV engine which can weather any storm. It powders up the jam-packed driveways and sidewalks in no time. This gas-powered snow blower comes with an electric start feature which ensures a hassle-free start-up every single time. This powerful machine cuts through 13 inches of snow in a single go which immensely cuts down the snow blowing time.

The edge clearly goes to the Troy Bilt snow blower due to its powerful 208cc engine. However, despite a huge power gap, the Toro snow blower is a competitive performer.


The Troy Bilt Snow Blower has a better clearing width than the Toro which is a major upside to it.

The single-stage snow thrower by Toro offers an 18-inch clearing path coupled with its Power Curve Technology and rubber paddles that significantly reduce snow clogging, allowing the blower to function break free. 

In contrast, the Troy Bilt XP boasts a wider 21-inch clearing path allowing you to deal with more snow in one quick pass.


The Toro snow blower comes with a Power Curve Rotor Auger system for its 7” auger paired with a mounted chute lever which is very helpful for aiming the throw. The precise control of the chute is aided by the locking deflector which works its way to aim the snow exactly where you want. Just so you know, this compact machine shoots snow up to 25 ft. away and I’m all for it.

On the contrary, the Troy Bilt 208XP is equipped with an efficient auger drive system that assists the snow blower in moving forward with ease and saves you from tedious effort. The Remote Crank Chute control comes in handy to make adjustments while you’re clearing away the white-tinged hell.


The Toro snow blower boasts an ergonomic design that allows space-saving due to its compact engine as well as the foldable chute and handle that makes storage simple. However, the all-plastic auger construction is what’s not so promising about this snow blower. The plastic housing can be quite brittle in the cold, however, that can be sorted by purchasing a replacement auger. 

The Troy Bilt snow blower also boasts a sturdy construction that allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions without a hiccup. The durable wheels provide ample traction in intense snow and also, improve control of the blower due to its anti-skid shoes. Although the wheels provide good traction, the snow clogs them up quite often and that can be a huge pain. You’ll have to stop and remove the snow to keep the wheels rolling. 

Overall, we’re slightly more in favor of the Toro Snow Blower despite its plastic auger construction because you can always get it replaced. The Troy Bilt is a robust machine that’ll last you a long time but the wheel clogging can be quite a frustrating issue, at times.


The Toro 18” snow blower and Troy Bilt come in similar price ranges despite the fact that Troy has a mighty 208cc engine in contrast to the 99cc Toro engine. Use the links below to see the updated price of both.

Toro Single Stage Snow Blower Power Clear 518 ZR 38472

Troy-Bilt Squall XP 208cc Snow Thrower